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Reconnecting with nature has been shown to offer mental and physical benefits, not to mention that surrounded by beautiful scenery can bring sheer joy. If you hope to experience a holiday that offers a chance to immerse yourself in nature, then these destinations are ideal.

Faango offers international Nature trip packages with the best facilities such as Cambodia, Thailand, Bali, Singapore, Malaysia, Mauritius, Maldives, Australia, Seychelles, Italy, Dubai, South Africa, Europe. We offer customized packages so that our customers can choose them as per their choice. If you are searching for travel expertise, we supply the most luxurious and attractive guild expertise in Faango.

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Best Nature Trip


Best Places for Nature trip


Mauritius will completely enchant you with plenty of places to visit in Mauritius. The sparkling water of Grand Bai will definitely soothe your soul. And if that is not enough, you certainly cannot miss the natural beauty of the colored earth where you will find colored sand dunes of red, black, cyan and purple.

Best Places to visit in Mauritius

Tamarind Falls

Tamarind falls


Seven Cascades or Tamarin Falls play an important role in adding to the beauty of Mauritius as a tourist destination. Tamarind falls is located at an altitude of about 290 meters and is the highest in Mauritius. Seven falls together amidst lush greenery makes it more attractive.

It is clearly calm surrounding and rich in exotic flora and those who expect clear beaches and islands in Mauritius, this waterfall will be a surprise. It has been described as a haven for trek lovers, bird watchers, and adventure seekers.

Light House of Albion, Pointe Ox

Mauritius would certainly lack its luster without the Albion Light House. It is located on the west coast of Mauritius. It is the extraordinary architecture of the lighthouse that makes it quite interesting to see. Historically, it has provided naval assistance to many sailors. If you are good at photography then it is one of the best places to take sunset photos. You can definitely spend some peaceful time there to make your trip worthwhile.

Elliot Gabriel Beach, Gabriel Island

Travel to one of the most exotic beaches called Ilot Gabriel, about 20 KM from the northern coast of the island of Mauritius but it is little known. The beach is easily accessible by a boat or catamaran from Grand Bay and the beauty of the beach is seen by very few people, as it is not diminishing the beauty of the beach.

Primarily, the sunrise and sunset views from the beach beat every other natural beauty around the place as many shades of rays spread only in emerald-colored water.


Seychelles is an archipelago of 115 granite and coral islands scattered from the east coast of Africa to a secluded corner of the Indian Ocean. The group of islands is known for its beaches, coral reefs, nature reserves and huge wildlife such as giant Aldabra turtles. And a variety of adventure activities provide ample options for travelers to include in their Seychelles tour packages. Visit this exotic and beautiful destination and relax among the impressive beaches.

Best places to visit in Seychelles

Le Morne Seychellois National Park

Built or preserved since 1979, the National Park Morne Seychellois is the largest park in Seychelles. The park covers an area of ​​3045 hectares, representing one-fifth of the total area of ​​Mahe, the largest island in the archipelago. Situated under dense forest, the park shelters a beautiful ecosystem and the highest point of the archipelago, Morne Seychellois (905 m).

To discover the park, there are dozens of types of hikes for all levels and even a full day walk. Some trails lead to other more indigenous locations, such as the Marine Park of Port Launay or the heavenly beach of Anse Major. Happy hike!

Le Morne Seychellois National Park


May valley

May Valley is another UNESCO World Heritage Site in Seychelles. Remnants of a prehistoric forest and the largest collection of endemic palms in the world; May Valley covers more than 20 hectares of land in the center of Praslin, the second-largest island located 44 kilometers northeast of Mahele. Praslin already holds a reputation as a natural island and is an ideal place to observe the unique flora and fauna of the May Valley Archipelago.

Sisters Island

The private islands Petit and Grand Tire are two of the most natural islands in the Seychelles archipelago. Situated not far from Pralin, Petit and Grand Tire have preserved their wild side and the two islands are maintained by the Hotel Le Chateau de Feuilles. Both islands are uninhabited and offer visitors a unique experience.


Bali’s great attractions are a fine blend of natural wonders, ranging from highlands with flowing volcanoes to flowing waterfalls, peaceful lakes, and jungles. There are centuries-old man-made wonders in harmony with the environment, ranging from vast rice fields to majestic green rice fields. And meets the eye beneath the surface there, with a collection of coral gardens and rich marine biodiversity. Bali is full of great natural attractions, which you might not see at once. Here is a compilation of the best natural wonders of Bali. Consider it a bucket list for nature lovers. Don’t worry if you can only do some travel on your previous trip – make it a checklist for your next one!

Best places to visit in Bali

Menjangan Island and West Bali National Park

You can see the National Park of Bali in the northwestern part of the island. It is a densely forested area spread over 19,000 hectares and was the original endemic habitat of Bali Maina, also known as Bali Starring. Nearby hotels such as The Menjangan and Naya Gawana Resort & Spa include nature tours in the park. The inner regions of the park include savannas and rainforests, while mangroves lie on the northern banks of the swamps. Offshore, there are ancient coral reefs in the island of Menjangan, making it one of the best snorkeling destinations in Bali.

Ubud and Campuhan Ridge

The majority of Ubud is made up of tranquil highlands with natural views of lush green valleys and rivers full of flora and fauna. Scenic river valleys in and around the Ubud region include Petanu, Campuhan, and Ayang. Ayang is also one of Bali’s major whitewater rafting rivers. It allows you to experience Bali’s nature with adventures and sightseeing tours with views of exotic birds and local wildlife. The Campuhan Jalkund is actually a confluence of 2 small rivers and the Campuhan Ridge is a savanna with a quiet scenic route. It should easily visit nature lovers in Ubud.

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