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Are you planning for a corporate tour, for conferences, meetings, seminars or exhibitions? Faango’s adventures have pioneered the use of the outdoors as a training methodology for the corporate sector.

We have till date successfully conducted corporate tours for a number of multinational companies and corporate houses.

The offers activities and facilities that will both challenge your group and teach them to work together.

Over the entire course of time, our corporate tour features include-

  • Business trips for domestic as well as international destinations with tickets, traveling and international visa assistance.
  • Arrangement of conference halls and cabs
  • Planning and advisory for a leisure trip to the nearby destinations in spare time

Business Tours Flightss

We offer a range of outdoor and indoor facilities and programs using various mind challenges and problem-solving activities during the course of corporate tours.

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Best Places for Corporate Tours

No matter how enthusiastic you are about your tour business, it is expected to be successful unless you have a plan in place for how to go to start and run it.

So, give your tour company the best chance of success with excellent business citations we have gathered from other entrepreneurs, who have been in your shoes.

Business Tours cater business lunches, conference halls and other luxurious space to walk. In countries like Australia, Italy, Maldives, Mauritius, Dubai, Europe business tours are generally catered at a high level.

In classy hotels, hospitality used to be at its best from business meetings to breakfast to dinner even transport facilities are provided at the best level. 


Australian business tour accommodations are used to be at the best level. In posh cities like Gold Coast, Sydney and Melbourne, the number one food and beverage are experienced.


While traveling to a business tour, you will get a chance to visit the historical and touristic sites that the island has to offer surrounded by its panoramic views. offers a variety of tours around Seychelles island. We have arranged a number of corporate tours for our clients since our inception. 


A country like Singapore, where the economy is highly centralized to develop Singapore at its best in terms of corporate, trade.

Meetings, Incentives, Conferencing, and Events, is a significant sector of corporate business tours. Bencoolen, Grand Copthorne Waterfront, Park Avenue Rochester, are some of the top class hotels of Singapore. 

With the business facilities and top-notch facilities, Singapore possesses the perfect avenue to cater to various business tour needs. 


In the Asian continent, Maldives is one of the world’s poorest developed countries. Generally, this country is threatened by global warming, but organizing a small business meeting, during the course of the excursion, quite be quite handy.


As a result of the ongoing economic boom and political stability, the overall living standard of Mauritius has improved in recent years.

A plan of business tours will be exciting, coconut trees, lavish greenery, blue water, coral reefs will make your business meet quite relaxful. 


In recent years, a record number of business-people from abroad to Malaysia looking for business opportunities, visiting suppliers, business partners, clients, interaction, etc.

Undoubtedly, an actual visit to the country can help one to quickly ramp up relevant country knowledge and to even initiate a profitable business relationship.

However, if one does not prepare for the trip carefully, a first-time visit can easily be turned into an unproductive and wasteful exercise.


Well planned meeting extensively planned conferences, organized at great locations of Europe. Renew team spirit through refreshing group experiences.

Immerse yourself to Europe Corporate Tour and gain the experience that is wholly rewarding.

Faango expertly fulfills all your business travel needs.

Business Tours Flights
Businesses are built upon developing and possessing strong personal relations with your stakeholders. We understand that to expand the business horizons you need to engage in regular tours to conduct and attend various meetings.

At Faango, it is our endeavor to ensure that your business tours are a complete pleasure to embark upon. The very word ‘Business’ comes from Busy-ness, an act that keeps one busy. We understand that thoroughly.

Putting this thought into action, we offer readymade travel solutions that are designed to give you a perfect work-life balance when you travel on business.

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