Tips To Plan Your Perfect Trip to Tokyo

Tips and Tricks To Plan Your Perfect Trip to Tokyo

If this is your first time travelling to Tokyo, then it can be both a thrilling and frightening experience. To help you transition to the metropolis smoothly, familiarize yourself with the following basic information. Uncover some comfortable way to get around the city easily. Discover shopping tips to save money, what to do in an emergency, what to pack in each season, and more.

There are not many cities in the world that see the size of Tokyo. Due to its sheer scale, having a fun moment in Japan’s biggest city can seem a wonderful thing to do in Tokyo!

With its vibrant and bustling city streets, tranquil green parks, stunning vistas and remarkable history, spending some days in Tokyo to visit Japan should be at the top of your journey. Whether you are a first time or you are a regular visitor, the capital city of Japan has incredible attractions, so you will never get lost to see and do things.

A Trip to Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan. Along with New York, Dubai and Singapore, Tokyo is world-famous as one of the most modern and innovative cities in the world. Bustling, colourful, and uniquely alive, it’s no surprise that Japan’s capital attracts 29 million tourists a year. When planning a trip to this amazing city it’s easy to get inundated with information on where to stay, what to see, and what to eat … so much so, that you might feel absolute gridlock when trying to make any plans. So, to plan a trip here gridlock-free, here is our tried and tested cheat sheet to Tokyo, Japan.

Some Basics About Tokyo You Should Know

Exchange Rate: $1USD = 108.98 Japanese Yen (as of November 7, 2019)

Currency: Japanese Yen

Capital: Tokyo

Primary Language: Japanese

Time: GMT +9 hours (Japan Standard Time)

When Should You Travel to Tokyo?

Most of Japan is temperate in climate, which means that temperature and weather mimic the mid-northern hemisphere. Summers are hot and winters are cold, between the middle and fresh spring and autumn. This makes Tokyo a great place to visit all year round, as the city completely changes itself according to that season.

A special season for tourism is in the month of March and April, primarily because of the cherry blossom bloom in the springtime. However, fall makes for a great time to visit as well, as the pink trees get replaced with a beautiful display of red and yellow as the leaves change. The summers can on average get as high as 88° Fahrenheit (31° Celsius) in August, and the winters as low as 31° Fahrenheit (1° Celsius) in January.

How Can You Budget for Tokyo?

We’re not going to cushion this for you guys: Japan is pricey. For those of you used to spending $5 a night on hostels, and $3 for a meal, you may want to prepare yourselves for a bit of a culture shock. Tokyo, as one of the biggest tourist destinations in the world, is not a cheap backpacking destination by any means. That being said, however, there are always ways to trim down your budget by being street smart and thrifty. That involves eating local food (street food is always cheapest), staying at hostels over hotels, and opting for cheaper rideshare apps over-inflated tourist taxis.

Average Prices in Tokyo

Hotel room (1 night) : ¥5,000-8,000 ($45-70 USD)

Hostel dorm (1 night): ¥3,200 ($35 USD)

Meal (street food): ¥850-1,280 ($8-12 USD)

Meal (mid-range restaurant): ¥1,070-3,200 ($10-30 USD)

Glass of wine: ¥1,000 ($10 USD)

Subway ticket (72 hours): ¥1,500 ($14 USD)

Average daily price for a budget backpacker: ¥8,030 ($75 USD)

Our Best Budget Trip:

Find cheap flights to Tokyo. Your flight will easily be the most expensive part of your trip. Compare airlines thoroughly to book your flight to Tokyo and don’t be afraid of long layovers and budget airlines. Remember that your flight is just your means to an end. It doesn’t need to be extravagant. Your money is better spent in Tokyo itself.

Things To Do in Tokyo

Best things to do in Tokyo one of the very old questions. There are so many things to see and do that it can often feel overwhelming when trying to decide where you’re going to stay and what you’re going to pack into your trip. We’ve narrowed it down to the top picks of what to experience in Tokyo itself, but also in Japan if Tokyo is not your only stop in this beautiful country.

Enjoy Some Tasty Food

famous Japanese food

Japan is world-famous for so many foods, so you would be remiss if you didn’t actually try authentic Japanese sushi, ramen, wagyu beef, and more. Take a full day to explore the best local spots and stuff your belly with as much okonomiyaki and mochi as you can. Talk to the locals, information centres, and your hotel/hostel to find out which places the locals recommend, so you can avoid big price tags and big crowds.

Sensoji Temple – Must Visit Place


This temple is the picture-perfect textbook definition of a traditional Japanese temple and is surprisingly easy to get to by train, bus, or boat.

Timing: 6:00 AM-5:00 PM (from April to September)

 6:30 AM-5:00 PM (from October to March)

Get your dose of nature at the Japanese Gardens

Famous Japanese Gardens

Located in the heart of this high-tech city are the stunning Japanese Gardens. Take a day, or even a half-day, to tour the gardens and see the beautiful flora of Tokyo, complete with oasis-like ponds and lights in the evenings. This is a great place to visit year-round, but especially in the spring and fall to see the cherry blossoms or the leaves changing colours.

Get a rail pass in advance:

The country-wide rail is the fastest and easiest option to travel around Japan. If you plan to do any day trips while in Tokyo, this is well worth your money. Tickets need to be shipped to your home, so you need to purchase it well in advance.

Book Flight Ticket in Advance:

Usually, we do suggest booking things last minute, because oftentimes the prices you see online are inflated. In Tokyo, however, demand is so high and tourism is so prolific, you should book your flights to Tokyo, and sightseeing trips well in advance if you want a shot at actually getting to see them.

Enjoy the Culture:

Yosakoi Festival

This tip is essential for every trip you go on, but in trip to Tokyo, we insist on it. Do your best to avoid Western food and cookie-cutter hotels. Tokyo has so much culture and contains a beautiful union of aggressively modern and nostalgically traditional elements. Embrace where you’re at and don’t be scared to try new things.

And there you have it! A complete guide for you to plan a trip to Tokyo, stress-free! Let us know more things to do and see in Tokyo in the comments below!

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