How to book cheap flights

How To Book Flight Tickets At Cheap Rate?

To make our journey we try many things, lots of planning we do and many more things. Isn’t it? 

Big big thanks to a low-cost airline that has given budget travelers the opportunity to visit international destinations without piercing pockets. But do you know that with the right planning and use of some tricks, you can get yourself the best deal on booking flight, that too among some of the best airlines in the world?

Well, these tips are used by famous travelers or how do you think they are capable of traveling on such a large scale! Do you also want to travel like them or want to save some money on your dream vacation? If the answer to one of your two questions is yes, then this blog is here with the best travel saving tips to book a flight. So without further ado, let us start with the top tips for getting cheap airline tickets online. 

tricks to book cheap flight tickets

  1. Try and make payment in a Cheaper Currency

    Many travelers use this option to get cheaper fares. Most of the airlines ask you to make payment in the currency of the country you’re traveling from. The next time, when you’re booking your flight tickets, check if you can pay in any other currency which is cheaper than your own. A word of caution here – If you’re making the payment through your credit card, your credit card shouldn’t levy foreign-transaction fees. Then only, go ahead and book your tickets.

  2. Be Flexible with Travel Dates

    You might have come across websites claiming that booking flight tickets on a Tuesday or traveling on a weekday would save you big bucks. But that’s not always true. So, we will suggest, you to check out the actual rates for the whole month. This way, you will get a clear picture of days that are cheaper for your destination. Where do you check the month prices? Either try it on the website or the mobile app. 

    flexible booking dates

    What you have to do is simply feed in your departure and arrival cities. First, check for a one-way fare. Click depart, do not enter a date, instead select the whole month. Then, click – search flights and you’ll get to know the date which offers the lowest fare. Now, follow the above steps for your return flight to get the cheapest fare. If you’re booking on the mobile app, you can view the price chart and book accordingly.

  3. Book Your Flights Well in Advance 

    If your travel dates and destination both are fixed, we suggest – you book flight tickets right away. The reason being – as your departure date approaches, the airline fares will only increase, exceptions are very few here. By booking your flight tickets well in advance, you can save big and utilize the savings for other enjoyable experiences.

  4. Use the special debit and credit card offers

    I personally never give a lot of thought to this tip earlier. I mostly used the coupons and codes mentioned on the social media or coupon sites, but there are various special offers designed especially for the debit card and credit cardholders only. 

    offers on flight booking credit and debit cards

    For example, if you have any bank card, you should search for “offers flight tickets” on Google and you will surely get some page on the bank website or flight booking websites which will give you some special codes for getting an additional discount.

  5. Use the wallet cash to get a further discount

    I think Goibibo started this and became hugely successful due to this factor. It’s one of the most trusted ways to get further discounts on flights/hotels and other bookings. 

    All the websites like Delta Flight, American Airlines, and many more have this concept of virtual wallets and you get some cash backs in this wallet which can be partially used while making the payments. 

    I have been an extensive user of Delta Flight, American Airlines, and no matter how great other websites offers were, after applying goCash, I always got the best price at Delta Flight, American Airlines, and many more which I prefer to use. 

    However now I get some great offers at Delta Flight, American Airlines.

  6. Select the Cheapest Payment Method

    Cheapest Payment Method

    Yes, choosing a payment method can also save you some extra bucks. It is not always ideal to pay with your credit card, sometimes paying via an online money transfer app. Major international airlines like Delta Flight, American Airlines, and many more sometimes offer good discounts on an online flight booking (domestic flights) when choosing one of these payment methods allowing you to save some money.

    However, to book international flights you can use your credit card for the payments since it helps in earning those frequent flyer points and member benefits.

  7. Sign Up for an Airline Affiliated Credit Card

    Signing up for an airline affiliated credit card can be extremely useful as it will help you accumulate frequent flyer points which in return shall allow you to sometimes buy flight tickets by paying almost nothing.

    On my Credit Card, I could travel to several countries on half the price of the plane tickets. You should research well before signing up for the travel credit card as the benefits depend on which country you live in.

  8. Subscribe Email Notifications 

    This is a great way to grab promotional fairs and discount codes which the airlines only offer to their e-newsletter subscribers. These deals can really be helpful in saving your money.

    You can actually be notified about the last minute cheap flights, so you see, signing up for email notifications can be the best way to find the lowest air tickets fares.

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If you want to plan your trip in the most budget-friendly way you need to prepare yourself for the worst-case scenario. Book your cheap flight tickets so that you can stay longer. Plan the major attractions like dining and accommodations in advance so that you can estimate your budget trip accordingly. 

All the major cities do provide cheap hostels, reasonable bars and bistros and very hospitable people you can help you In case of any problem. Enjoy your trip to the fullest keeping all the travel tips together in place.