North America to Bangkok

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Bangkok, the city of Buddhism cultural diversity remains the topmost choice of tourists.  It is the only cosmopolitan and cultural commercial center city of Thailand. Besides this, It’s the commercial center of imports and exports for both Thailand and Southeast Asia.

Diversified culture, small villages, religious unity, exotic street food, Thai and Chinese mix culture, floating markets, scarcity of parks make this city – majorly sought tourist attractions. Lavish Greenery, soothing peace, monks, diversified culture, traditional Thai clothing, warm greetings are some of the fascinating things which attract on average 32.6 million visitors per year.

Being the most populous city Bangkok cultural diversity to become a Buddhist is quite rich, every man in Bangkok is required to become a monk for a certain period of time before the age of 20.

Bangkok’s Palace is the most worshiped and world-renowned beacon in the Capital city. Architectural and cultural maniac lose themselves in the ancient designs of the Buddhist cultures. Among all, Wat Phra Kaew (Temple of the Emerald Buddha) is the most popular.

Tour Packages for Bangkok used to be high demand due to its flexibility, apart from the air you may also go either by boat, train. Holiday packages in Bangkok from North America used to high demand throughout the year.

Places to visit in Bangkok-

Though there are numerous places to visit in Bangkok, below mentioned tourists spots lure visitors from vivid continents.

Wat Arun

It’s one of the oldest temples of Bangkok, Wat Arun is massively known for its gigantic prang, it’s a tower which is built on the Chao Phraya river in Khmer Architectural style.

Prag tower with more than 80-meter height is considered as the highest tower in Thailand.  Its located at the West Bank of Chao Phraya river.

Floating Market

Bangkok Shopping places are one of the widely sought excursions next after exotic culture, food and friendliness. Surprisingly, such sort of sight you won’t see anywhere else other than Southeast Asia.

At this sight, boats are loaded with fresh tropical veggies and fruits, local food and coconut juice. The best way to explore Bangkok’s floating market is to hop aboard one of the guided boat tours on offer.

Apart from this, Damnoen Saduak, Amphawa and Khlong Lat Mayom are the 3 most popular floating markets in Bangkok.


Wat Traimit, Sampang Lane, China Gate, Yaowarat at Night, top 10 widely sought tourist attractions are in Chinatown only.

Due to the mix of Chinese and Thai Culture, this area is quite unique, fascinating, especially for photographers, exotic street food and street scenes makes this place even more memorable.

Before heading just make to wear comfortable shoes to conquer the scorching heat.

Chatuchak Weekend Market

Chatuchak Weekend Market is the king among all markets. Stretched in an area of 35 acres with over more than 800 stalls, capable of luring 200,000 visitors each weekend, this is one of the largest markets of Bangkok.

Diversity of this market is quite rich, from food & beverage antiques, pets, clothes, handicrafts and books used to in demand. If you love to bargain over things then Chatuchak Weekend Market not to be missed.

Things to do in Bangkok

Tropical weather, Exotic Street food, Diversified culture, and hospitality are some of the most fascinating things to lure tourists while booking packages for Bangkok from North America.

ChinaTown, Chatuchak Weekend Market, Floating Market, SoiCowboy, Grand Palace are some of the fascinating attractions which used to be high demand even in hot and warm weather.

Its Buddhism culture, with more than 300,000 monks on the land of smiles, draped in yellow and orange robes are highly recognizable in a sea of modern-day clothing is heart Thailand.

Highly devotional, and strong cultural values, customs, traditions could be seen in Bangkok as well. Nearly, 95% of the people are of the same religion i.e (Buddhism) customs in Bangkok are full of respect, Wai- tradition and Thai greetings are other admirable things to explore in Bangkok.

People who are very fond of Parks and greenery, they may find it bit hasty, Parks in Bangkok is very rare to find. Huge population of Bangkok makes rare to find a place full of Greenery and lavish Gardens.

Beverages and caffeine mix productions used to be the center of attraction for tourists. SoiCowboy, Thai Massage, Tailored Suits, Sky and Bar Hotels, Bang Krachao Gardens are the top destined places for tourists.

Tour Packages from Bangkok are used to the most sought by Asian as well as the North American Continent. Flights from North America to Bangkok are easily available at attractive prices.